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Table 1 The 47 attributes analysed. They included subject initial conditions (ankle and thigh angles) and experimental setup/anthropometric parameters (seat height, thigh length, foot length, TIP1 hinge and malleoli coordinates), KK-set variables and important time instants. The KK-set was made of displacements (Disp), velocities (Vel), forces or couples and powers referred to the two LA and SA actuators. So referred to seat-off. In addition, ML, AP and V referred to the medio-lateral, antero-posterior and vertical directions. Finally, the attributes labelled with an initial "T" represented the instant of occurrence of the corresponding quantity (e.g. the attribute MaxLAVelASO referred to the maximum value of LA velocity after the seat-off and the attribute TMaxLAVelASO represented the corresponding instant of occurrence).

From: Knowledge discovery in databases of biomechanical variables: application to the sit to stand motor task

Anthropometric and Experimental set-up Attributes Kinematic and Kinetic Attributes Time-Attributes
RightAnkleAngle MaxSADispBSO Duration
LeftAnkleAngle MaxSAVelBSO  
APRightMalleolusCoord MaxSACoupleBSO TMaxSADispBSO
APLeft MalleolusCoord MaxSAPowerBSO TMaxSAVelBSO
APHingeCoord SADispSo TMaxSAForceBSO
MLRightMalleolusCoord SAVelSo TMaxSAPowerBSO
MLLeftMalleolusCoord SACoupleSo  
MLHinge Coord SAPowerSo t So
VRightMalleolusCoord MaxSADispASO  
VLeftMalleolusCoord MaxSAVelASO TMaxSADispASO
VHingeCoord MaxSACoupleASO TMaxSAVelASO
SeatHeight MaxSAPowerASO TMaxSAForceASO
ThighLength MaxLADispASO TMaxSAPowerASO
ShankLength MaxLAVelASO TMaxLADispASO
FootLength MaxLAForceASO TMaxLAVelASO
RightThighAngle MaxLAPowerASO TMaxLAForceASO
LeftThighAngle   TMaxLAPowerASO