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Table 4 Segment details

From: Adaptive training algorithm for robot-assisted upper-arm rehabilitation, applicable to individualised and therapeutic human-robot interaction

Segment Length (m) Condition-I Condition-II Condition-III Condition-IV
Embedded-Virtual Reach-Return Movement direction Cross-body component
Segment-1 0.350 Embedded Reach Ground-level Large
Segment-2 0.320 Embedded Return Ground-level Small
Segment-3 0.320 Virtual Reach Ground-level Small
Segment-4 0.350 Virtual Return Ground-level Large
Segment-5 0.415 Embedded Reach Against Gravity Large
Segment-6 0.400 Embedded Return Towards Gravity Small
Segment-7 0.400 Embedded Reach Against Gravity Small
Segment-8 0.415 Embedded Return Towards Gravity Large
Segment-9 0.276 Virtual Reach Against Gravity Large
Segment-10 0.415 Virtual Reach Towards Gravity Large
Segment-11 0.400 Virtual Return Against Gravity Small
Segment-12 0.400 Embedded Reach Towards Gravity Small
Segment-13 0.415 Virtual Return Against Gravity Large