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Table 3 IFS parameters of subjects with hip osteoarthritis (N = 22)

From: Pre-operative ambulatory measurement of asymmetric lower limb loading during walking in total hip arthroplasty patients

  Involved (Mean(SD)) Uninvolved (Mean(SD))
Early stance maximum vGRF (%BW) 0,97(0,09) 1,01(0,10)
Midstance minimum Vgrf (%BW)   
Average vGRF (%BW)   
Stance time (s) 12,68(3,45) 0,83(0,08)
Midstance time (% cycle) 0,80(0,15) 0,45(0,04)
Double stance time (% cycle) 25,98(4,80) 29,44(5,77)