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Table 2 Significance of the two-way ANOVA while analyzing STs parameters related to the HM group

From: Spatio-temporal parameters and intralimb coordination patterns describing hemiparetic locomotion at controlled speed

p-values Stride time Cadence Stride length Stance time DS1 SS
Side (affected vs unaffected) 0.948 0.945 0.878 0.514 0.119 0.517
Speed (LS vs HS) <0.001 <0.001 <0.001 <0.001 0.022 <0.001
Side x Speed 0.550 0.122 0.490 0.620 0.815 0.561
  1. The table reports all p-values obtained by the two-way ANOVA of Speed (HS vs. LS) and Side (affected vs. unaffected) on ST parameters related to the HM group. P-values<0.05 are highlighted in bold.