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Figure 2

From: An evaluation of the 30-s chair stand test in older adults: frailty detection based on kinematic parameters from a single inertial unit

Figure 2

Explanation of the impulse (A-D) or body management (1–4) parameters. Numbers 1 to 4 outline the maximum lean backwards and forwards to sit-down and stand up: “TurnB_Sit”, “TurnF_Sit”, “TurnB_Up” and “TurnF_Up”. Capital letters refer to the active and passive impulse to achieve the standing and corresponding sitting positions: “+” and “-“ Up “modified impulses” and “+” and “-“ Down “modified impulses”. Signals are raw MTx ones during the test performed by a pre-frail subject: Z-position (red), Z-acceleration (green) and X-orientation (blue).

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