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Table 1 Link segment compositions for the manual and visual system

From: Negotiated control between the manual and visual systems for visually guided hand reaching movements

Manual system Visual system
Variable Joint movement Positive rotation Variable Joint movement
θ m 1 Torso flexion/extension Extension θ v 1 Torso flexion/extension
θ m 2 Torso axial rotation Counter-clockwise θ v 2 Torso axial rotation
θ m 3 Torso lateral bending Leftward θ v 3 Torso lateral bending
θ m 4 Shoulder flexion/extension Flexion θ v 4 Neck/Head flexion/extension
θ m 5 Shoulder abduction/adduction Abduction θ v 5 Neck/Head axial rotation
θ m 6 Upper arm axial rotation Counter-clockwise θ v 6 Neck/Head lateral bending
θ m 7 Elbow flexion/extension Flexion