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Figure 3

From: Changes in activation timing of knee and ankle extensors during gait are related to changes in heteronymous spinal pathways after stroke

Figure 3

Group comparisons of gait cycles in 13 stroke and 10 healthy participants. The mean duration of gait cycle phases are presented for the paretic (upper bar) and non-paretic (middle bar) sides of stroke participants and for control participants (lower bar). Percentages of first double-support (DS1), single-support (SS), second double-support (DS2) sub-phases of the stance phase and of the swing phase (SW) are expressed as a percentage of the duration of the gait cycle. The schematic representation of the position of the lower limbs during each phase is presented with the black leg being the one assessed. Arrows represent the mean latencies in the peak activation of vastus lateralis (VL), rectus femoris (RF), gastrocnemius lateralis (GL) and soleus (Sol) during the gait cycle.

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