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Table 3 Muscles main optimal features

From: Implanted functional electrical stimulation: case report of a paraplegic patient with complete SCI after 9 years

Muscle Thresholds MRC Remarks
Left TA 1 mA 5 (@2 mA) Dorsiflexion alone
Right TA 450 μA 5 (@2 mA) Eversion then dorsiflexion
Left QU 450 μA 4+ (22 N.m) (@3.15 mA, 601.6 μs) High fatigue, incomplete knee locking, triple reflex may occur
Right QU 1.1 mA 3- (14.5 N.m) (@3.15 mA, 601.6 μs) Fatigue resistant
Left HA 7 mA 1 (@12 mA) Triple reflex appears above 12 mA
Right HA NA   Not responding to stimulation but diffusion occurs
Left GMe 2 mA   Intermittent contraction due to contact problem
Right GMe 8.5 mA 19 mA (saturation) Nice progressive and selective contraction
Left GMa 11 mA 25.5 mA Low contraction located on the top of the muscle
Right GMa 1.5 mA 10 mA (saturation) Nice progressive and selective contraction
Left IL 10 mA 18 mA (optimum) For higher intensities diffusion to abdominal muscles
Right IL 7.5 mA 20 mA (optimum) Below some diffusion occurs to abdominal muscles and above to QU
  1. All the measurements, except if noted are performed using a 25Hz frequency and 502.4 μs pulse width, the nominal parameter values. MRC cannot be evaluated for GMe, GMa and IL.