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Table 4 Overview of accelerometry-based outcome measures

From: Wearable accelerometry-based technology capable of assessing functional activities in neurological populations in community settings: a systematic review

Authors Population Outcome parameters Validity Quality Quantity Activity
Dobkin et al. [33] Stroke Walking speed, bouts of walking, gait symmetry Leave-one-subject-out method - x Walking
Zampieri et al. [44] PD Stride length, stride velocity, cadence, peak arm swing velocity on the MAS, and turning velocity Leave-one-subject-out method - x Sitting, standing, walking, turning
Mizuike et al. [37] Stroke Accelerometers derivatives, raw RMS, normalized RMS, autocorrelation function Cross-validation x x Walking
Prajapati et al. [40] Stroke Walking bouts, total walking time, gait speed, number of steps, gait symmetry, swing symmetry, cadence Cross-validation x - Walking
  1. Abbreviations: MAS most affected side; Quality, studies assessing severity levels; Quantity, studies able to distinguish healthy from non-healthy subjects.