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Table 3 Gait var Bef-Aft index

From: Assessment of biofeedback rehabilitation in post-stroke patients combining fMRI and gait analysis: a case study

  Bef-Aft percentage difference
Gait index @ hemiplegic side Self-aelected speed trials Fast speed trials
Speed 29.62 7.23
Cadence -6.63 -3.19
StrideLength 31.18 8.22
AnklePowerPeak 17,63 -1.11
AnklePositiveWork 14.29 8.36
AnkleNegativeWork 8.70 32.26
AnklePowerOnsetFromControLateralHS -82.42 -55.12
  1. Gait var Bef-Aft Index for the Post stroke patient for the hemiplegic side, for both the walking at self-selected and fast speed, values are expressed in percentage [%].