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Table 1 Participant comments during the design workshop that

From: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Concerns Did not like the idea of an adventure or complex narrative based game, especially science fiction
  Were concerned that the pace of the game should not be too fast
Preferences Preferred the idea of solo play over play with others (self-conscious over performance)
  Seemed more attracted to ‘real life’ events than complex characterisation or fantasy elements
  Expressed a preference for cartoon style graphics over more realistic renderings
  Liked puzzles, although one participant expressed concern that combining puzzles with physical tasks might be overly complicated
  Expressed a preference for outdoor scenarios;
  Were able to identify with a cartoon avatar which mirrored their actions
  Enjoyed satisfying sound effects associated with actions (for example, the thwack of hitting a ball when playing a golfing game)