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Table 6 Response to interview questions about games played at home

From: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Participant What types of games do you play at home? Who do you play with? How often do you play and for how long? Where in your home do you play?
1 Does not play games - - -
2 Crosswords, polygon, Sudoku, code word Mainly on my own, although occasionally with partner 1 hr per day Kitchen, Bedroom or bathroom
3 Crosswords, sometimes pub quizzes Crosswords alone. Pub quizzes with friends. 4 x 1 hr per week but more when travelling Living room, Public transport
5 Sudoku, Crosswords, Brainteasers, Solitaire, Scrabble, Nintendo Wii Alone or with daughters Paper-based games (30 min-1 hr per day) Nintendo Wii (1 x 20 min per week) Paper based puzzles (Bedroom) Nintendo Wii (lounge)
6 Sudoku Myself Once per week Kitchen
7 Solitaire, Back gammon, bridge, chess, checkers With partner or grandchildren 5 x up to 1 hr (plus 10 min at work) Home office
8 Nintendo Wii, Sudoku, crosswords, pub quiz, checkers, chess, bridge Alone or occasionally with family Rarely on the Nintendo Wii Monthly pub quiz Sudoku and crosswords daily Spare bedroom, Pub
9 Nintendo Wii, various card games, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, puzzle books Friends, mother, daughter, grandchildren Varies greatly depending who is visiting Monthly friends games night Nintendo Wii 1 x week Bedroom, lounge, dining room
10 Does not play games - - -