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Table 8 Response to interview questions about gameplay

From: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Participant What do you think of the game you just played? Could you imagine playing this game at home? Would you want to play the game with anyone else? Did you feel safe playing the game? If the game was available to you to use at home, would you play it? If the game was available to purchase, would you buy it?
1 Thought it was okay. Didn’t require much thinking. Could be improved by making it faster. Yes Not really Yes No No
2 I struggled with depth perception. Couldn’t distinguish the birds from the wasps. When I stepped to one side I thought fruit curved to the side. Difficult to judge the height of the tractor. Some of the play was not realistic (e.g. fruit not on the trees.) Yes but not often. Possibly when the grandchildren are a bit older or if it was in line with my interests (horses). Maybe with grandchildren. It would also help if I could play competitively with people. Yes I might play it once a week and gradually stop. Not in its current form. I could not see any real progress once I got the depth and height perception correct.
3 This game would suit me if I could play it with a group. No Friends I felt settled once I started playing* I doubt it. No. I have tried DVD exercises which I haven’t found useful.
5 Quite enjoyable. Judging the distance of the fruit and obstacles was difficult, especially when I had to multitask. More practice driving would have been good. Usually I do things slowly but this game encouraged me to move faster. Yes. It would be good to do things that are specific to the abilities of people with movement disorders. If playing for fun, yes. If playing competitively, then no. Yes Yes. Particularly if I felt it would improve my movement problems. Yes but it depends on the cost of the whole system.
6 Very good fun. Found it hard to judge the height of fruit. Yes It would be good to play this game competitively. Yes Yes I don’t know. Generally I don’t do things like this but I would if I knew that it would improve my movement.
7 I think it has great potential but needs refinement. The graphics look dated and the style childish. Not in its current form. I don’t think my grandchildren would be interested. Yes Not in its current form. Not in its current form.
8 Enjoyed the game. There needs to be a greater difference between the birds and wasps. I found the tractor platform was confusing to move. A practice session would be useful. Yes. Yes, in a competitive way. Yes Yes It depends on the cost of the game and the associated hardware.
9 It was good and has a lot of potential. I might get bored after a while. The birds and wasps were difficult to differentiate. I found the sensitivity of the driving platform difficult. Yes. I could play on my own but it would be fun playing with other people. Yes Yes It would depend on cost.
10 It was interesting. I enjoyed playing the game. I had to keep my mind focussed on what I was doing. Yes Yes, with my partner and friends “as long as I can beat them” Yes Yes Yes
  1. *Felt slightly dizzy when first came to the lab (recently diagnosed with hypotension). They rested until they were confident to play the game.