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Table 3 Stroke subject clinical information

From: An exploration of EEG features during recovery following stroke – implications for BCI-mediated neurorehabilitation therapy

Stroke subject Lesion information
S1 Left frontoparietal cortex acute ischemia (left middle carotid artery territory).
S2 Left parietal infarction, left thalami and internal capsule infarcts. Periventricular deep white matter change. Bilateral lacunar infarcts in the centrum semiovale and basal ganglia. 1.5 cm acute infarct in left centrum semiovale.
S3 Area of acute infarction adjacent to the body of the right lateral ventricle involving the right centre of semiovale.
S4 Right posterior parietal and temproparietal regions. Background periventricular ischemic changes involving left frontal parietal region.
S5 Medial right temporal lobe focal infarct. Periventricular deep white matter ischemic disease.