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Figure 1

From: Control strategies for active lower extremity prosthetics and orthotics: a review

Figure 1

Generalized control framework for active lower limb prostheses and orthoses. The proposed framework illustrates the physical and signal-level interactions between a powered lower limb prosthetic or orthotic (P/O) device, a user, and his environment. The arrows indicate the exchange of power and information between the various components of the P/O ecosystem. A hierarchical control structure is implemented, with the estimation of the user’s locomotive intent taking place at the high level, translation of the user’s intent to a desired device state at the mid level, and a device-specific controller responsible for realizing the desired device state at the low level. Safety mechanisms underly all aspects of P/O design, including those which are mechanically passive and those which are actively controlled. Adapted from Varol et al. 2010 [24].

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