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Table 3 R2 values for the relationships of parameters V1 and V2 with the other model parameters

From: Development of a mathematical model for predicting electrically elicited quadriceps femoris muscle forces during isovelocity knee joint motion

  V1-vs-a V1-vs-b V1-vs-A40 V1-vs-K M V1-vs-τ1 V1-vs-τ2 V2-vs-a V2-vs-b V2-vs-A40 V2-vs-K M V2-vs-τ1 V2-vs-τ2
R2 0.05 0.00 0.04 0.27 0.00 0.24 0.46 0.62 0.04 0.02 0.16 0.81