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Table 2 Overview of sensor technology used in stroke rehabilitation

From: Technology-assisted training of arm-hand skills in stroke: concepts on reacquisition of motor control and therapist guidelines for rehabilitation technology design

Name Body area trained Sensor-type PA FB TDL CT
(n patients)
OCM acute subacute chronic patients
Auto CITE (34) shoulder elbow forearm wrist hand sensors built into workstation CIMT KR: number of successful repetitions 1 CCT (27)[56] MAL, WMFT chronic
     KP Encouragement   CT (7)[177] MAL
  1. (FB = feedback, PA = Physiotherapy Approach, CIMT = constrained induced movement therapy, TDL = therapist dependency level: 0 = no, 1 = minimal 2 = fully dependent, OCM = outcome measure, CT = clinical trial, CCT = controlled clinical trial, WMFT = Wolf Motor Function Test, MAL = Motor Activity Log).