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Table 2 Growth and decay coefficients of Eq. 9 for each DOF and amplitude oscillation and max/min ROM for each Dof

From: Performance adaptive training control strategy for recovering wrist movements in stroke patients: a preliminary, feasibility study

Joint α [Hz] β [Hz2/rad] A [deg] ϑmin [deg] ϑmax [deg]
FE 0.2 0.0012 11.5 -14.5 14.5
AA 0.2 0.0015 11.5 -14.5 14.5
PS 0.25 0.0008 14.5 -30.5 30.5
  1. The table provides the growth (α) and decay coefficient (β) used by the performance evaluator block of the controller to change the frequency of oscillation of the target. For each DOF, the table stores the amplitude (A) of the target oscillations while ϑmin, ϑmax are the minimum and maximum value assumed by the angular offset ϑ o to space the range of motion of each Dof.