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Figure 1

From: Transmembrane potential induced on the internal organelle by a time-varying magnetic field: a model study

Figure 1

The model of a spherical cell with a concentric spherical internal organelle. A. Relative coil and the targeted cell location, and the direction of the magnetically-induced electrical field in the brain. The current flowing in the coil generated a sinusoidally alternating magnetic field, which in turn induced an electric current in the tissue, in the opposite direction. The small circle represented a single neuron in the brain. B. The cell and its internal organelle represented in a spherical coordinates (r, θ, ϕ). The cell includes five homogenous, isotropic regions: the extracellular medium, the cytoplasmic membrane, the cytoplasm, the organelle membrane and the organelle interior The externally applied magnetic field was in cylindrical coordinates (r', ϕ', z'). The axis of the magnetic field overlapped with the O' Z' axis. The distance between the center of the cell and the axis of the coil was C.

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