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Figure 6

From: Vibration-induced extra torque during electrically-evoked contractions of the human calf muscles

Figure 6

M max and F-wave amplitudes measured at rest and during periods of 20 Hz electrical stimulation before and after the delivery of a vibratory burst. Peak-to-peak amplitude (n = 10, ± SEM) of the F-waves (black squares, expressed in the right axis as % of Mmax) and the Mmax responses (light gray circles, expressed in the left axis in mV) obtained at rest and at Time 1 to Time 5, both before and after the delivery of the 2 s vibratory burst (100 Hz sinusoidal waves). Note that during both the pre-vibration and the post-vibration phases the 20 Hz electrical stimulus train is being applied (see figure 5A). A, B and C are data taken from the three different subjects.

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