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Figure 6

From: The relation between neuromechanical parameters and Ashworth score in stroke patients

Figure 6

Parameter covariance. Covariance matrix P (top) and SEM values (bottom) of all estimated model parameters. Only the upper part of P is shown because of its symmetry. For normalization, see Method Section. Averages over all conditions and subjects (solid bars) ± 1 s.d. (grey error bars). The auto-covariance is on the diagonal of P. The off-diagonal terms of P are the relative cross-covariances between two different corresponding parameters. Percentages at the right are measures of interdependence, i.e. the number of times the auto-covariance was smaller than any of the corresponding cross-covariance values. The SEM is equal to the square root of the auto-covariance, divided by the corresponding mean parameter value.

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