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Table 1 Grasp types and sizes

From: Cognitive vision system for control of dexterous prosthetic hands: Experimental evaluation

Type of opposition Grasp type and aperture size Grasp ID
Palm opposition   
All palmar surfaces of the fingers and the palm are involved and the thumb is in opposition to other fingers (as in grasping a bottle). Palmar Large PL
  Palmar Medium PM
  Palmar Small PS
Side opposition   
The thumb opposes the radial aspect of the index finger (as in grasping a key). Lateral Large LL
  Lateral Medium LM
  Lateral Small LS
Pad opposition   
The opposition is formed between the fingertips of the thumb and the fingers (as in lifting a pin from a flat surface). 3-digit Medium (index, middle finger and thumb) TM
  3-digit Small TS
  2-digit (index finger and thumb) B