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Table 1 Features Studied and their Units.

From: Bayesian aggregation versus majority vote in the characterization of non-specific arm pain based on quantitative needle electromyography

Transform Feature Abbreviation Units
log Amplitude Ampl ln(μV)
  Duration Duration μs
  Phases Phases  
  Turns Turns  
log Area/Amplitude Ratio AAR ln(ms)
log Macro Amplitude Mac Ampl ln(μV)
log Macro Negative Peak Area Mac. -Pk Area ln(μV·ms)
log Macro Neg. Peak Amplitude Mac -Pk Ampl ln(μV)
  Macro Negative Peak Duration Mac -Pk Dur ms
  Inter-Discharge Interval Mean IDI mean ms
  IDI Standard Deviation IDI std. dev.  
  IDI Covariance IDI cov  
  Inter-Discharge rate IDRate pps
  Firing Rate FR pps
  Firing Rate Mean Consecutive Difference FRMCD pps
  1. A "log" Transform indicates that after the measurement of the feature, data was transformed using the natural logarithm before being used for calculation.