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Table 2 Performance of the classifier (recognition ratio) without and with re-training of the classification algorithm

From: Decoding of grasping information from neural signals recorded using peripheral intrafascicular interfaces

Grip type(s) identified and controlled (plus rest) Little, pinch, palmar Little, palmar Little, pinch Palmar, pinch Little Palmar Pinch
No Retraining 0.72 0.86 0.84 0.8 0.9 0.76 0.9
Retraining 0.85 0.92 0.9 0.87 0.93 0.95 1
  1. In case of "re-training" the parameters of the classifier were selected for each day using data recorded in that specific day for the training. In case of "no training", the definition of the parameters happened only for the first day.