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Figure 3

From: Can motor volition be extracted from the spinal cord?

Figure 3

Raw neural signals: A: Two seconds of neural data from a representative behavioral trial band-pass filtered between 300-3000 Hz from R1. Arrow in the figure marks the duration of the reach-to-grasp task. Right bottom-most plot is the EMG signal recorded from a Pt wire inserted into the muscles near the MEA. B: Cross-correlation in the above trial between each one of the electrode channels and the EMG signal from the wire electrode to show the lack of similarity between the two kinds of signals. EMG contamination in the neural signal was low suggested by small R-values. C: Power spectral density of the signals calculated using the Welch periodogram method. Red traces are the 14-neural channels whereas the blue trace is for the EMG signal. The neural and muscle activities occupy different frequency bands with the amplitudes observable above the noise floor.

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