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Table 1 Technical features of SENLY

From: Design and Evaluation of a new mechatronic platform for assessment and prevention of fall risks

Length 2500 mm
Width 2500 mm
Overall height (with tester security frame) 3000 mm
Walkway height 300 mm
Max tester weight 110 kg
Max tester height 1900 mm
Treadmill belt width 750 mm
Treadmill weight 110 kg
Sensorized surface dimension 2290x1250x15 mm
AP direction: max velocity 1.8 m/s
AP direction: max acceleration 8 m/s2
ML direction: max displacement 300 mm
ML direction: max velocity 1.25 m/s
ML direction: max acceleration 2.4 m/s2
  1. The table accounts for sizes of the platform, maximum load allowed to carry out exercises on SENLY, and maximum performance, in term of kinematics, of belt movements.