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Table 1 Cortical target locations

From: The coil orientation dependency of the electric field induced by TMS for M1 and other brain areas

Cortical location Current direction in brain for ‘standard’ orientation Code
M1 right hemisphere experimentally determined (highest MEP amplitude) MR
Lateral cerebellum left [8,40] rostral (upwards) CL
Medial cerebellum [8,40] rostral (upwards) CM
Lateral cerebellum right [8,40] rostral (upwards) CR
O1 (occipital lobe left hemisphere) [9] medial-lateral OL
Oz (medial occipital lobe) [9] medial-lateral leftwards OM
O2 (occipital lobe right hemisphere) [9] medial-lateral OR
Dorsolateral premotor cortex left hemisphere [7,41] antero-medial PML
Dorsolateral premotor cortex right hemisphere [7,41] antero-medial PMR
Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex left hemisphere [5] (visual) antero-medial PFL
Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex right hemisphere [5] (visual) antero-medial PFR
Supplementary motor area 30 mm anterior to Cz [6,25] medial-lateral leftwards SM1
Supplementary motor area 50 mm anterior to Cz [7,25] medial-lateral leftwards SM2
Inferior frontal gyrus [10] (visual) antero-medial IL
  1. The cortical target locations commonly used in clinical and cognitive studies, based on neuronavigational data and visual inspection of the model (as indicated). The stimulation locations are based on studies indicated by the references. All cortical target locations are situated in the sulcal wall.