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Table 4 Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients between parameters of Visually Guided Reaching in paretic and non-paretic arms

From: Clinical usefulness and validity of robotic measures of reaching movement in hemiparetic stroke patients

Parameters Correlation coefficients
Posture Speed 0.24
Reaction Time 0.41a
No Reaction Time 0.10
Initial Direction Error 0.20
Initial Distance Ratio 0.03
Initial Speed Ratio 0.07
Speed Maxima Count 0.09
Min Max Speed 0.24
Movement Time 0.21
Path Length Ratio 0.03
Max Speed 0.42a
No Movement End 0.00
  1. a p < 0.01. n = 49
  2. The data of participants who failed to reach the target during the trial (No Movement End = 64) (n = 6) or lacked any of the twelve parameters (n = 1) were excluded from data analysis