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Table 3 Fuzzy rules for the behaviour FIS

From: Improving activity recognition using a wearable barometric pressure sensor in mobility-impaired stroke patients

Rule Input Weight Output
Prev act Curr act Next act Prev dur Cur dur Next dur Alt change Altitude IQR Event activity
a)   Lying        0.5 Lying
a)   Walking        0.5 Walk
a)   Sitting        0.5 Sitting
a)   Standing        0.5 Standing
b) Sitting   Sitting Not Short Not Short Not Short    0.5 Sitting
c) Sitting Walking      Not Positive   0.75 Sitting
c) Lying Walking      Not Positive   0.75 Lying
d)   Sitting    Not Very Long    Very Positive 0.75 Standing
e)   Standing    Very Long     1 Sitting
  1. The letters in the first column indicate the association between rule and the constraint, as listed in this section