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Table 2 Sub-tasks. Tasks are broken down into sub-tasks and progress chronologically. Task behaviours are organized into each component. Some behaviours appear in multiple sub-tasks of the same task

From: Powered wheelchair simulator development: implementing combined navigation-reaching tasks with a 3D hand motion controller

Desk Elevator Door
Navigating around desk Navigate to button 1 Advancing towards door
DG1, DG3, RG1 DG1, DG3, DEl1, RG1 DG1, DG3, DDr1, RG1
Parking between chairs Parking at button 1 Parking in front of door
DG2, DG3, RG3 DG2, DG3, RG3 DG2, DG3, RG3
Reaching for object Pressing button 1 Reaching for door handle
RG2, RDe1, RDe2 RG2 RG2
Opening drawer Navigate to button 2 Opening door
RG2, RDe2 DG1, DG2, DG3, DEl2, DEl3, DEl4, RG1 RDo1
Placing object in and closing drawer Parking at button 2 Driving through doorway
RDe2, RDe3 DG2, DG3, RG3 RDo2
  Pressing button 2