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Table 4 Task Behaviours Agreement. Summary of concordance, as measured by Cohen’s Kappa coefficient (K), for each characteristic in each task across participants

From: Powered wheelchair simulator development: implementing combined navigation-reaching tasks with a 3D hand motion controller

 Driving Behaviour Fluid drive-to-park −0.17
  Parking Position 0.33
 Reaching Behaviour Start reaching before park 0.83
  Pickup order 0.50
  Close drawer hand 0.20
  L/R Hand 0.80
  Heavy leaning 0.67
 Driving Behaviour Turn First/Reverse First 0.83
  Fluid drive-to-park 0.22
  Parking Position 0.45
  Waiting for Door 0.17
  Forward/Reverse In 0.67
  Horizontal adjust 0.67
 Reaching Behaviour Start reaching before park 0.67
  L/R Hand 0.60
 Driving Behaviour Advance straight 0.17
  Fluid drive-to-park 0.67
  Parking Position 0.67
 Reaching Behaviour Start reaching before park 0.50
  L/R Hand 0.80
  Fluid turn + push 0.33
  Hand still raised 0.67