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Table 5 Questionnaire Feedback Comments. Summary of the most frequent comments. Comments were generalized to give an overall impression of how participants responded. Categories represent topical prompts to which participants responded

From: Powered wheelchair simulator development: implementing combined navigation-reaching tasks with a 3D hand motion controller

Category Generalized Comment Count
Criticism of the tasks Difficulty with joystick precision and accuracy 5
  Lacking of vision due to fixed camera 3
  Elevator was too small 3
Reactions to the reaching controller Enjoyed using the reaching controller 5
  Noted ‘glitches’ during reaching tasks 3
  ‘It adds realism to the game’ 2
  Difficulty due to lack of depth perception 2
Suggestions Changes to the task that would add complexity 5
  Changes to the task that would lower complexity 5
  Specified other indoor tasks 6
  Specified other outdoor tasks 1