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Table 1 Profile of participants

From: Quantitative evaluation for spasticity of calf muscle after botulinum toxin injection in patients with cerebral palsy: a pilot study

Subject no. Sex Diagnosis GMFCS Spastic leg Age (y/o) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Initial angle (R/L) (o)
S1 Male Spastic diplegic CP III R/L 8 110 22 40/40
S2 Female Spastic diplegic CP III R/L 5 114 12 40/40
S3 Male Spastic triplegic CP III R/L 7 114 26 40/50
S4 Female Spastic hemiplegic CP II R 6 100 18 40
  1. CP Cerebral Palsy, GMFCS Gross Motor Function Classification System, R/L the right and left side