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Table 1 Overview of the assessed instruments classified as recommended

From: A systematic review of the characteristics and validity of monitoring technologies to assess Parkinson’s disease

Device Clinical Parameter External usage Clinimetric properties
Reliability Validity Sensitivity to change
Wearable Devices
Mobility Lab System (APDM) Bradykinesia Dyskinesia Postural control Gait/FOG ADLs X X X X
Physilog® Postural control Gait/FOG Physical Activity Tremor Bradykinesia X X X X
StepWatch 3 (SAM) ADLs Gait X X X X
TriTrac RT3 ADLs X X X X
McRoberts Dynaport ADLs Falls/near Falls Gait X X X X
Axivity (AX3) Physical Activity/ADLs Falls Gait X X X X
Non-Wearable Devices
Wii Balance Board Postural instability X X X X
GAITRite® Bradykinesia (axial)Gait/FOG X X X X
Hybrid technologies Network Platforms and Telemedicine
Kinesia™ Tremor X X X X
  1. (X) Information available