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Table 1 Hydraulic components used in the coupling and damping mechanisms

From: Improving stand-to-sit maneuver for individuals with spinal cord injury

  Hip and knee cylinders Valves Proportional valve Knee accumulator
Manufacturer Clippard Minimatic Hydraforce Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin Clippard Minimatic
Type double acting 4-way, 2-pos normally closed 2-way manual needle valve 2-way, normally closed spring return single-acting
Bore 7/8″ 3/4″
Port 1/8″ NPT SAE 6 1/8″ NPT SAE 4, 1/4" NPTF 1/8″ NPT
Stroke 3″ 1″
Rod diameter 0.25″ 0.25″
Voltage 12 VDC 12 VDC
Max operating pressure 2000 psi 3000 psi 6000 psi 3000 psi 250 psi
Spring force 3 lbs installed 6lbs compressed