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Fig. 6

From: Free-living gait characteristics in ageing and Parkinson’s disease: impact of environment and ambulatory bout length

Fig. 6

Radar plot illustrating the 14 gait characteristics organised by domain for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and controls (CL) evaluated in free-living conditions for ambulatory bouts (ABs) ≤ 10s (panel (a)), 30s < ABs ≤ 60s (panel (b)), and ABs > 120 s (panel (c)). The central dotted line represents CL data, deviation from zero along the axis radiating from the centre of the plot represent how many standard deviations (range: ± 2 SD, z score based for each bout length on control means and standard deviations) the PD differ from CL. Asterisks represent significant differences between PD and CL (p values < 0.01)

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