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Table 3 Summary of the significant effects on step length and hip range of motion (ROM) symmetry, maximum trunk rotation and pelvis-torso (P-T) rotation correlation due to using the VI Knee instead of the C-Leg

From: Impact on gait biomechanics of using an active variable impedance prosthetic knee

  1. Worse conditions due to walking with the VI Knee are denoted with a ‘’ and red shading, improvements due to using the VI knee are indicated by a ‘*’ and green shading. For Symmetry, more similar behavior between the affected and intact legs was seen as improved performance while less similar behavior a detriment. Improvements in Maximum Trunk Rotation and P-T Correlation are defined as reductions while using the VI Knee compared to the C-Leg. For subject S4 walking at 1 m/s, there was no significant difference in hip ROM symmetry (#), however, the individual did show a substantial increase in hip range of motion