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Table 1 Meaningful change values for functional walking outcomes in stroke

From: Powered robotic exoskeletons in post-stroke rehabilitation of gait: a scoping review

Outcome measure Sub-acute stroke Chronic stroke
TUG Not available MDC = 2.9 s [44]
6MWT MDC = 61 m [43] MCID = 34.4 m [42]
10MWT/gait speed MCID = 0.16 m/s [45] MCID = 0.06 m/s (small) [43]
MCID = 0.14 m/s (substantial) [43]
FAC Not available Not available
  1. 6MWT six-minute walk test, 10MWT ten meter walk test, FAC functional ambulation category, MCID minimal clinically important difference, MDC minimal detectable change, TUG timed up and go