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Table 1 Modified presence questionnaire

From: Feasibility of a walking virtual reality system for rehabilitation: objective and subjective parameters

Visual aspects
 1. How much did the visual aspects of the environment involve you?
 2. How aware were you of your display devices?
 3. How completely were you able to actively survey or search the environment using vision?
 4. How closely were you able to examine objects?
 5. How well could you examine objects from multiple viewpoints?
 6. How much delay did you experience between your actions and expected outcomes?
 7. How much did the visual display quality interfere or distract you from performing assigned tasks or required activities?
 8. How natural did your interactions with the environment seem?
 9. How natural was the mechanism which controlled movement through the environment?
 10. How aware were you of your control devices?
 11. How compelling was your sense of moving around inside the virtual environment?
 12. How distracting was the control mechanism?
 13. How much did the control devices interfere with the performance of assigned tasks or with other activities?
Consistency with the real world
 14. How responsive was the environment to actions that you initiated (or performed)?
 15. How much did your experiences in the virtual environment seem consistent with your real-world experiences?
 16. Were you able to anticipate what would happen next in response to the actions that you performed?
Subjective factors
 17. How much were you able to control events?
 18. How involved were you in the virtual environment experience?
 19. How quickly did you adjust to the virtual environment experience?
 20. How proficient in moving and interacting with the virtual environment did you feel at the end of the experience?
 21. Did you learn new techniques that enabled you to improve your performance?
  1. Modified version of the Presence Questionnaire. Items were categorized in four domains: visual aspects, interaction, consistency with the real world, and subjective factors