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Table 1 Evolution of asymmetry of movement between right and left (R-L) hand at baseline (not emitting audio and visual alarms), mean asymmetry during seven days of training (with audio and visual alarms activated), number of times that alarms were triggered and the mean of the number of times in which improvement allowed a more demanding trigger of alarms

From: Rehabilitation of hemineglect of the left arm using movement detection bracelets activating a visual and acoustic alarm

Task Walking Tray Washing face Button fastening Knife and fork
Baseline R-L asymmetry of movementa 0.97 0.98 0.25 0.52 0.81
Days 1-7: Mean R-L asymmetry of movementa 0.61 −0.10 0.24 −0.15 −0.35
Days 1-7: mean number of alarms triggereda 9.97 7.79 16.48 33.97 11.41
Days 1-7: number of trigger difficulty increases 2.55 1.97 1.00 1.33 3.22
  1. aA positive value indicates greater movement of the right hand, a negative value greater movement of the left hand