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Table 5 Quotes list about wearability requirements from included studies

From: Interactive wearable systems for upper body rehabilitation: a systematic review

Ref Quotes from included studies
[46] Q1. “does not restrain the human movement”; Q2. “without slipping on users’ skin”;
Q3. “be easy to wear”; Q4. “fit to human arms with different size”;
[52] Q5. “consideration of minimum critical distance for two adjacent vibrotactile actuators”
[55] Q6. “unobtrusive and not limit the skin and muscle motion”;
Q7.”place sensor on bones, ligaments and between muscles”;
Q8. “with some flexibility in positioning”;
Q9. “provide additional stability”;
[56] Q10. “must be non-invasive to be accepted by patient”;
Q11. “have to avoid restraining the movements that the patient does in normal conditions”;
[76] Q12. “fit closely to body for higher accuracy”; Q13. “Easy to wear on and off”;
Q14. “adjustable for different size”; Q15.”light, comfortable, appropriate for long term monitoring”;
[57] Q16. “how easy to put on/ take off the suit”;
Q17. “how easy was it to move your affected arm compared to without wearing the wristband”;
Q18. “how comfortable/lightweight were the wristbands”;
[44] Q19. “module size was too large, draw attention”
[61] Q20. “reduce the quantity and bulk of the wiring”
[49] Q21. “attach the harness around the neck, not the shoulders”; Q22. “stabilize the Wii Remote against the back to prevent rolling”; Q23.”with a soft cloth cover to prevent rubbing against the skin”;