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Table 5 Original and optimal cutoff frequency for each IMU at different transitions during a TUG

From: Auto detection and segmentation of daily living activities during a Timed Up and Go task in people with Parkinson’s disease using multiple inertial sensors

Transition IMU 1 f cutoff (Hz) IMU 2 f cutoff (Hz)
   Org. Opt.   Org. Opt.
Sit-to-stand Trunk a z 1.57 -- Hip θ 0.69 --
Stand-to-walk out Trunk a z 2.44 --  
Walk out-to-turn Trunk ωy 1.32 -- Sacrum ωy 0.98 ---
Turn-to-walk in Sacrum ωy 0.53 3.0  
Walk in-to-turn Trunk ωy 1.00 3.0 Sacrum ωy 0.59 3.0
Turn-to-stand Trunk ωy 0.81 2.0 Sacrum ωy 1.00 2.5
Stand-to-sit Trunk a z 1.02 --  
  1. The high cutoff frequency (f cutoff) of the band pass filter was re-optimized during more dynamic transitions to increase the accuracy of the segmentation. The optimal range of these cutoff frequencies was between 0.5–3.0 Hz