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Table 1 Primary question(s) within each category of questing for in-depth interviews

From: Repetitive reaching training combined with transcranial Random Noise Stimulation in stroke survivors with chronic and severe arm paresis is feasible: a pilot, triple-blind, randomised case series

(1) Understanding of upper limb rehabilitation processes:
“Prior to commencing this study what was your understanding of upper limb therapy? How does this differ now that you’ve undertaken this research project of reaching training?”
(2) Reaching training:
“Thinking about the reaching training, can you tell me how you felt doing the training?”
(3) Problems as well as rewarding situations during your reaching training:
“Was there anything that stopped you from wanting to/helped you continue with the research project? If so, can you tell me about this?”
(4) Advice you might have about upper limb rehabilitation:
“Do you think that this type of training helped your arm recover? Why/why not? What would you say to someone about to commence this type of reaching training? What would you want them to know?”