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Fig. 5

From: Topographical measures of functional connectivity as biomarkers for post-stroke motor recovery

Fig. 5

Significant relationships (cortex subject group). a Change in global efficiency (Δ E glo ) and ΔFMUE, (r s =−0.60;p=0.017). b Change in local efficiency (Δ E loc ) and ΔFMUE, (r s =−0.66;p=0.004). c Change in intradensity of the unaffected hemisphere (Δ K intra (Uhemi)) and ΔFMUE, (r s =−0.75;p=0.003). d Initial values of global efficiency (E glo ) and ΔFMUE, (R 2=0.24;p=0.047). E) Initial values of local efficiency (E loc ) and ΔFMUE, (R 2=0.25;p=0.042). e Initial values of intradensity of the unaffected hemisphere (K intra (Uhemi)) and ΔFMUE, (R 2=0.21;p=0.067). All in the 12.5–25 Hz band

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