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Table 3 Questions and preferences of the participants

From: Comparison between sEMG and force as control interfaces to support planar arm movements in adults with Duchenne: a feasibility study

Which interface… Preference Preference Preference
1 …could control the arm support most accurate? greenS2 redS1 blueS3
2 …could control the arm support fastest? greenS2 blueS3   redS1
3 …did react best to your intention? greenS2 redS1 blueS3
4 …was least fatiguing to use? greenS2 blueS3 redS1  
5 …was the most easy to set up/install?   redS1 greenS2 blueS3  
6 …was the most comfortable to use? greenS2 blueS3 redS1  
7 …has your overall preference? greenS2 blueS3 redS1  
  1. The codes of the subjects are color-coded