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Table 1 Demographic data of participants

From: Increasing upper limb training intensity in chronic stroke using embodied virtual reality: a pilot study

Patient Age (years) Gender Stroke Time from stroke (months)
P1 43 F Right Sylvian ischemic 51
P2 50 M Left Sylvian ischemic 26
P3 55 F Right Sylvian ischemic 108
P4 38 F Left rupture cerebral aneurysm Sylvian 6
P5 64 M Left Sylvian ischemic 9
P6 64 M Left pontine ischemic 22
P7 72 M Right Sylvian sub-cortical ischemic 72
P8 34 F Left Sylvian ischemic 6
P9 68 F Right Sylvian ischemic 42
P10 61 F Right anterior communicating artery ischemic 54