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Table 1 Exercise pool modified from a recently published conceptual progression framework [64]

From: Effects of long-term balance training with vibrotactile sensory augmentation among community-dwelling healthy older adults: a randomized preliminary study

Category Variables
1. Static standinga Eyes, stance, head movement (yaw and pitch), cognitive tasks
2. Compliant surface standinga Eyes, stance, head movement
3. Weight shiftinga Shifting limit, shifting speed, shifting direction
4. Modified center of gravitya Arm raising speed, surface (firm, compliant and ramps), head movement
5. Gait Walk with different speed and head movements, high marcha, step over shoe boxa, sidestepping, walk on heels/toesa, backward walkinga, figure-of-8 walk, tandema; cognitive tasks
  1. aindicates the exercises for which vibrotactile SA was provided for the EG