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Table 1 Comparison of amperometric biosensors for measuring ATP concentration

From: An investigation into closed-loop treatment of neurological disorders based on sensing mitochondrial dysfunction

Title Recognition Layer Measured Quantity Sensitivity (pA/μM) Response Time Electrode Size (μm)
Microelectrode Biosensor for Real-Time Measurement of ATP in Biological Tissue [153] Glycerol kinase and glycerol-3-phosphate oxidase H2O2 250 10s 25
ATP microelectrode biosensor for stable long-term in vitro monitoring from gastrointestinal tissue [199] Glucose oxidase and hexokinase H2O2 45.8 40–50s 50
Developmental aspects of amperometric ATP biosensors based on entrapped enzymes [200] Pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent glucose dehydrogenase and hexokinase Various 290 50–200 s 25
Co-immobilization of glucose oxidase and hexokinase on silicate hybrid sol–gel membrane for glucose and ATP detections [201] Glucose oxidase and hexokinase modified with silica hybrid sol-gel film H2O2 10.8 15 s 3 × 103
Poly(benzoxazine) as immobilization matrix or miniaturized ATP and glucose biosensors [202] Glucose oxidase and hexokinase with entrapment from a poly(benzoxazine) derivative H2O2 48.5 25