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Table 2 DBS devices described in the literature which could be integrated into a control system

From: An investigation into closed-loop treatment of neurological disorders based on sensing mitochondrial dysfunction

Title Size Type Channels Stimulation Parameters Battery Life
A Low Power Micro Deep Brain Stimulation Device for Murine Preclinical Research. [203] 13.6 × 10.8 mm Monophasic 1 Adjustable 12 days
An inexpensive, charge-balanced rodent deep brain stimulation device: a step-by-step guide to its procurement and construction [204] Biphasic 2 Fixed 21 days
Wireless implantable micro-stimulation device for high frequency bilateral deep brain stimulation in freely moving mice [174] 30 × 8 mm Biphasic 2 Fixed 10 h
A long-lasting wireless stimulator for small mammals [205] 15x8x4mm Monophasic 1 Adjustable 21 days
Continuous high-frequency stimulation in freely moving rats: Development of an implantable microstimulation system [206] 38x20x13.5 mm Biphasic 2 Fixed 22 days
SaBer DBS: a fully programmable, rechargeable, bilateral, charge-balanced preclinical microstimulator for long-term neural stimulation [178] 33x20x8mm Biphasic 2 Adjustable 10 days