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Table 7 Description of different metrics used by different devices

From: Soft robotic devices for hand rehabilitation and assistance: a narrative review

Measurement Description
Extension torque The torque applied by the device on finger extension
Grasping ability Tested whether subject was able to grab various objects with assistance from the device
Grip force The force exerted by the device attempting a grasping motion with subject completely passive
Max input force Either the max input force supported by the device or the max input force required to achieve the desired functionality (pneumatic and hydraulic systems only)
Motion trajectory Tracks the trajectory of the device/digits upon actuation
Opposition grasp force The actuated force achieved while opposing the thumb
Pinch force The force exerted by the device attempting a pinching motion with subject completely passive
ROM Measurement of the rotations about the joints in the hands
Speed of movement Speed of movement of the fingertip upon actuation
Tensile force The max tension required to achieve desired function (cable systems only). It is the equivalent to max input force of pneumatic systems.